Mokum Madness The Italian Edition

18/03/2023 10:00 pm

19/03/2023 6:00 am

Mokum Line-Up

Mokum Madness: The Italian Edition

In the heart of Firenze, Italy, the pulsating beats of hardcore music echoed through the historic streets. It was March 27, 2023, and Club 303 was ablaze with energy, hosting a monumental event: “30 Years of Mokum – Italian Edition.”

The venue throbbed with anticipation as hardcore enthusiasts from all over Italy poured in, eager to experience a night of unadulterated musical ecstasy. Among the crowd were dedicated fans who had been following the hardcore scene for decades, as well as newcomers ready to immerse themselves in the raw energy of the music.

Oirad’s kicked off the night with a set that sent shockwaves through the crowd, their expertly mixed tracks setting the tone for an unforgettable evening.

As the night progressed, each DJ took the audience on a journey through the evolution of hardcore music. From Formek’s pounding beats to Tellurian’s  brought a touch of nostalgia with classic Mokum tracks, reminding everyone of the genre’s roots euphoric melodies, the dance floor became a battleground of passion and rhythm.

The Twins Artcore & Slugnoid unleashed a barrage of hardcore anthems, igniting a frenzy of ecstatic dancing, while KCMA’s captivated the crowd, drawing them deeper into the music’s hypnotic embrace.

Ferra pushed the boundaries with their innovative sounds, keeping the crowd guessing and grooving.

RHZ & Ombra  set was a whirlwind of intensity, his relentless beats driving the crowd into a frenzy of euphoria, while Alex Coma closed the night with an explosive performance, leaving the audience breathless and craving more.

Throughout the night, friendships were forged on the dance floor, and strangers became united by their shared love for hardcore music. As the last echoes of hardcore music faded into the early morning light, attendees left Club 303 with hearts pounding and spirits soaring, knowing they had been a part of something truly special – a celebration of thirty years of Mokum and the enduring power of hardcore music.