The in Amsterdam based Mokum Records started out in 1993, when hardcore was just about to take off big time in the Netherlands.
In a few years time both Mokum Records and the hardcore scene in Holland exploded to gigantic proportions – raves of 20.000 gabbers were no exception and the whole movement became a specific cultural phenomenon with their own fashion and music. Mokum Records released lots of 12″s, compilations and artist albums and built up a steady and credible catalogue with various international artist like :
DJ Chosen Few, Technohead, DJ Dano ,Tellurian,Flamman & Abraxas,The Speedfreak,The Prophet,Buzz Fuzz , Scott Brown , Liza N Eliaz, the Outside Agency ,Lenny Dee and many more..

In just 6 years time Mokum released close to 100 12″s, including all-time classics ‘Name of the DJ’ ( re-released with 2005 remixes) and ‘I Wanna Be a Hippy’ ( world wide #1 chart buster ).

Correct us if we are wrong But with 1.3 million CD single sales Techno Head “i Wanna Be A Hippy” Is the Best selling Hardcore Record / CD till Date , All licenses worldwide for hundreds of compilation cd’s like Thunderdome not included Mokum is back on track. After re-organizing the troops we are back with quality trashed-out hardcore tracks that will blow your brains as well as your speakers apart. Going back to the roots Mokum will release real hardcore – innovative, underground and with no compromises. Both new artists and original Mokum producers will be released and new as well as remixed classics will fill the schedule. The new catalogue starts off with MOK 100 counting upwards. In 2019 we are Celebrating the 200th E.P. Release Since 1993 over 1000 tracks has been Released

hold on all you motherfuckers – will be continued !!!