Tellurian is an Amsterdam-based DJ and producer who has been creating electronic music under various aliases from his own studio. He has been performing at clubs and major festivals since 1992, including Hellraiser, Mysteryland, Digital Overdose, Thunderdome, Immortality, Multi Groove, and Ground Zero. His performances are often accompanied by robot science fiction themes.

Tellurian grew up in 1980s Amsterdam and was a member of the hip-hop crew Digital Power. He discovered house, acid, techno, hardcore, and gabber through illegal house parties and released his first vinyl record in 1992 with The TOF Band. He then built his own professional multimedia studio and worked with various labels and acts.

One of Michel’s most famous aliases is Tellurian, under which he released hardcore music for the internationally renowned Amsterdam-based label Mokum Records from 1993. His tracks were widely licensed for compilation CDs. In 1995, he was involved in various projects, including ID&T’s Thunderdome, and released records as Brainiac on Bad Vibes Records and as Micado on Pengo Records. He received a Thunderdome award in 1998 for his contributions to hardcore music.

In 1996, Michel founded his own hardcore label, Cenobite Records, and a new alias Leviathan which became synonymous with hard, fast, and melodic hardcore. Cenobite Records was known not only for its unique musical style, but also for its futuristic album artwork and 3D design. Michel also did the editing and mixing for various CD compilations.

He has performed at numerous events, including Hellraiser, Mysteryland, Digital Overdose, Thunderdome, Immortality, Ground Zero Festival, Multigroove, Hellbound, Q-base Festival