ZazemZazem aka Nikita Zazemov is a Moscow based Early Hardcore producer, started experimenting with many electronic styles in 2017. Techno, House and many varieties of experimental music.  Exploring more, he found other styles such as Jungle, Breakbeat and Hardcore. First he heard Hardcore in 2020 and started doing this style in 2021. Especially he got into the oldschool styles like Early Hardcore, Psycore, Funcore, Early Terror.

First releasee were on the local Russian Primal Future Records label and Dutch Noisj. Followed by other Russian and Dutch releases. Most significant is his Rotjecore “Trippy Dream World” release. By this time he’s well-known on the Russian and Dutch gabber scene. Physical releases came on Mokum and Gabberhead with vinyl and cd.

In the future he plans to run his own label Mystery Records and support hardcore music.