The Sin Project

The Sin Project aka Mr. Madness
The Sin Project was born in 2021 when Mr. Madness decided to get back to his roots,

After sending his rst EP “Back to the Oldschool“ to Mokum Records, he got signed
within two weeks and the track became very well supported worldwide!
He than delivered another single called “Inner Voices“ which attracted big names to
collab with such as Dj Delirium, Lenny Dee and Dano who approached him to remix
his well known Book related tune “Wat de fok ouwe“
In the same year he got to remix a happy hardcore tune by Moyo Fyre which happen
to be one of the most inuencal live hardcore groups from Holland and set the bar
higher as ever before with his performance on Bogotrax Festival and sold out 15 years
of Radikal Stlyes Festival

As for 2023, he signed with Karnage Records and with his 2 upcoming Eps on
Industrial Strength on top of all, he is shaping his worldwide tour together with
Mokum Crew, ISR, Hardcore Thailand, Hardcodelia and Independent Gabber