Michael & Lee

Lee Newman and Michael Wells formed Greater Than One in London, circa 1985.
The group was created to explore art through performance, recordings, and installations.
They released albums on Graeme Revell’s Side Effects label, WaxTrax! and ROIR in the USA, Torso in Europe, and their own imprint, K=K.

In 1990, they started releasing singles as GTO (because it was easier to spell) and Tricky Disco (to explore more techno and house music).
As the rave scene of 1991 exploded, Newman and Wells started releasing singles as John + Julie, Church of Extacy and Signs of Chaos.
They would later release albums and singles as TD5, The Salami Brothers, and Technohead.

In 1995, Technohead scored a massive worldwide hit single with “I Wanna Be A Hippy.” In August however, Lee Newman passed away after a brief battle with cancer.

Michael Wells continues to DJ occasionally and record music under various names including S.O.L.O. and The Man as well as many of the above.

DataFlow is considered the umbrella, as it is one of their own labels—the most common recording label their music has been issued under—and their publishing company.


Title    Artist    Year    Format   
Hidden Melodies S.O.L.O. 2009 MP3
G-Force/Index (remaster) Greater Than One 2008 CDx3
London (remaster) Greater Than One 2008 CDx2+DVD
All The Masters Licked Me/Trust (remaster) Greater Than One 2008 CDx2
Up + Down Tricky Disco 2007 MP3
The Way That You Move Tricky Disco 2007 MP3
Never To Be Released? Michael Wells 2006 MP3
Speicher 30 (Tricky Disco/Pure) Tricky Disco/GTO 2006 12″
The Number One Contender Technohead 2005 12″
I Wanna Be A Hippy (2004 Remix) Technohead 2004 12″/CD
Bloodstream / Airstream Greater Than One 1999 7″
Abracadabra S.O.L.O. 1999 12″
Out Is In S.O.L.O. 1999 LP/CD
Elevation ’99 GTO 1999 12″/CDS
Teenage Pimps On Acid Michael Wells 1998 10″
Departure Signs of Chaos 1998 LP/CD
Tender Magic Signs of Chaos 1998 CDS
Scanner vs. Signs ov Chaos Scanner vs. Signs ov Chaos 1997 12″/CDS
Phunk Box The Man 1997 CD
Sex & Travel The Man 1997 12″
Cocaine Technohead vs. Elvis Jackson 1997 12″
System Musiek vol. 1 The Man 1996 12″
Frankenscience (Urban Cyberphunk) Signs ov Chaos 1996 LPx2/CD
Kardiophunk & the Seventh Wave GTO 1996 12″/CDS
Banana-Na-Na (Dumb Ditty Dumb) Technohead 1996 12″/CDS
Happy Birthday Technohead 1996 12″/CDS
Headsex Technohead 1995 LPx2/CD
Headsex (Let the Music Go) Technohead 1995 12″/CDS
I Wanna Be a Hippy Technohead 1995 12″/CDS
Mary Jane Technohead 1995 12″
1000 Blinky Lights L.E.D. 1995 12″
Data-Trax Volume 2 GTO 1995 12″/CDS
Jet Set/Accelerator Technohead 1994 12″
Data-Trax Volume 1 GTO 1994 12″/CDS
Tip of the Iceberg – Album Promo GTO 1993 12″
Tip of the Iceberg GTO 1993 LPx2/CD
Technohead Church of Extacy 1993 CD
The Passion Technohead 1993 12″
Future Classics T.D.5 1993 12″
Gangsta Trax: The Final Chapter Killout Squad 1993 12″x2
Gangsta Trax Vol. 1 Killout Squad 1993 12″x2
Wet Salami Salami Brothers 1993 12″
Killout Signs of Chaos 1993 10″
Red Alert John + Julie 1993 12″
Sonic Trance Vol. 1 T.D.5 1993 12″
Modulator Church of Extacy 1993 12″/CDS
Love is Everywhere GTO 1992 12″/CD/CS
Crackerjack Signs of Chaos 1992 12″
Devil Beats Church of Extacy 1992 12″/CDS
Church of Extacy Church of Extacy 1992 12″/CDS
Elevation GTO 1992 12″/CDS
Disco 130 Tricky Disco 1991 12″/CDS
Double Happiness John + Julie 1991 12″/CDS
Circles (Round and Round) John + Julie 1991 12″/CDS
Listen to the Rhythm Flow/The Bullfrog GTO 1991 12″/CDS
Housefly Tricky Disco 1991 12″/CDS/7″
Duty and Trust Greater Than One 1991 CS
Index Greater Than One 1991 12″/CDS/CS
Pure GTO 1990 12″/CDS
Tricky Disco Tricky Disco 1990 12″/CDS/7″
Trust Greater Than One 1990 LP
G-Force Greater Than One 1989 LP/CD/CS
Utopia Greater Than One 1989 12″/CDS/CS
I Don’t Need God Greater Than One 1989 12″/CDS/CS
London Greater Than One 1989 LPx2/CD/CS
Dance of the Cowards Greater Than One 1988 LP/CD/CS
Peace Greater Than One 1988 12″
Now Is the Time Greater Than One 1988 12″
Everybody’s Crazy (Except Us) Greater Than One 1988 12″
All the Masters Licked Me Greater Than One 1987 LP
Kill the Pedagogue Greater Than One 1985 CS
Lay Your Penis Down Greater Than One 1985 CS



Title    Artist    Year    Format   
Sounds from the Electronic Lounge Various 1998 CD
Technohead 4: Sound Wars Various 1997 2xCD/2xLP
Future Classics of the Recent Past Various 1995 CD
Technohead 3: Out of Control? Various 1994 CD/2xLP
Technohead 2: Harder and Faster Various 1994 CD/2xLP
Technohead: Mix Hard or Die Various 1993 CD/2xLP