Daniela Haverbeck

Smurfina was born in 2017, although Daniela has been Djing since 2001. Back then, she was living in Chile, her home country. A Thunderdome CD came to her hands and it was love at the first beat! She bought some vinyls and started to mix at raves and underground events. She added Techno, Schranz, Industrial and Jungle to her case, but was Hard Techno what brought her to Europe, in 2005. After that tour, she came back again and hitted the legendary Club r_AW, becoming part of TTM agency. She got the chance to perform at Defqon1, Mysteryland, Decibel Outdoor and Awakenings… Every time she could, she added Industrial and Hardcore to her sessions. This has being her imprint on her sound. In 2017 she had the urge of getting deeper in Hardcore, so she chose two Industrial tracks she made in 2014 and worked on two new tracks that were more extreme in sound and rhythm, mixing both Hardcore and Industrial in a killer combo, so Smurfina gave birth to I Don’t Like Long Brakes EP.