Scott Brown

Evolution Records is the UK’s longest running hardcore label.

Formed in Glasgow, Scotland 1994 by Scott Brown, his original idea was to start a label, which could grow and ‘evolve’ with the growing Rave scene of the early 90’s, with the idea of taking it to greater levels as dance music progressed. Scott’s personal career started in March 1991 whilst he was studying Physics at University, when he played his first live set in Glasgow with ‘Q-TEX’ along with fellow band members Gordon Anderson, Alan Todd and Rodger Hughes. The band were an instant success in the fledgling Rave scene, being snapped up for a deal with 23rd Precinct Records (Glasgow) and releasing their first record ‘The Equator EP’ that same summer.

As their popularity grew, so did the demand for new music. Bands, Producers & DJ’s alike were all making music, releasing 12′
records, some of the more popular releases gaining high Chart positions in the UK and abroad. Scott decided to broaden his horizons and by 1992 started making music for labels KORE, Shoop and Bass Generator Records. His success wasn’t confined to the UK with the Dutch labels chasing Scott for new music and not before long he had signed deals with Mokum, Rotterdam Records and Combined Forces (Dwarf / Babyboom).

Despite the records selling well, bad distribution deals and questionable contracts led to Scott not being paid for many of his releases, despite records such as ‘Bass-X : Hardcore Disco’ and ‘Bass Reaction : Technophobia’ reaching in excess of 6000 sales; a number unheard of in those days. His frustration with the situation forced Scott to contact distributors himself, starting ‘Evolution’ in order to be in control of his own finances and musical tastes. The first few releases ‘Ev1’ and ‘Ev2’ under the name ‘Q-TEX’ were very low key ‘white-label’ affairs which eventually got full releases once dj’s started supporting this new unheard of label. They became instant hits in the scene.

Dj’s such as Carl Cox, Paul Elstak, Rob Gee, Lenny Dee, Bass-D & King Matthew, Dj Gizmo, Predator, The Stunned Guys, Claudio Lancinhouse & Jappo and many more started regularly playing this new ‘Evolution’ sound, creating a new market the World over. 1994 saw Scott release no less than 10 releases under a variety of guises, helping forge Evolution as one of the main contenders in the World hardcore scene. Due to heavy demand for new music, Scott started ‘off-shoot’ labels such as Twisted Vinyl, Screwdriver, Evolution Gold and others, solidifying the label as one of the market leaders. All of this followed by classic Rave anthems such has ‘Now is the Time’, the ‘Equazion’ series of releases, and the harder edge of Twisted Vinyl made Scott and Evolution a brand, which many other labels copied.

Scott’s close ties to the late ‘Rezerection’ events, brought the inevitable release of the Rezerection anthem ‘Do what ya like’ as well as producing and mixing the infamous album ‘The Awakening of 95’ on Evolution. Huge anthems such as ‘Now is the time’ and ‘Check da Bass’, poured from the BlueRoom studio, home to Evolution. New bonds were formed with international producers such as Paul Elstak, Bass-D & King Matthew, Neophyte, Omar Santana and others, placing Evolution high on the world Hardcore map.

As 2000 approached, Scott released tracks such as ‘Pilgrim’ and the massive ‘Elysium’, generating new music for a new generation of Ravers. Requests for Scott to DJ and play the Evolution sound were coming in from all corners of the globe with him playing places he could only have dreamed of. His Air-miles were counting up with regular trips to Australia, Japan, USA, Canada and Continental Europe, with Holland almost becoming a home from home.

In 2001 Scott relocated to England releasing hit after hit with other artists such as Brisk, Hyperbass, Cat Knight, Kelly C and more. As time went on, the back catalogue grew more and more extensive with CD album releases and the very popular ‘Fire and Ice’ picture disks of EV67 and 68 (Ice Cold, Pilgrim, Definition of a Badboy, Hardcore Hustler).

More anthems such as ‘Rock you Softly’, ‘Turn up the Music’, and the legendary ‘Boomstick’ kept the status of Scott and Evolution firmly in peoples minds. Interest started coming in from the commercial market and Scott released ‘I would stay’ with DMO on AATW records. Ultrabeat also licensed ‘Elysium’, adding some vocals and bringing the Evolution sound to a whole new commercial market, charting and being featured on some of the UK’s biggest selling compilations.

Breeze, Darren Styles, Sy & Unknown, Al Storm, Dougal and Gammer amongst others have all contributed their talents to remixing various releases on Evolution over the past decade.

As 2010 approached, more new collaborations were formed with artists such as Al Storm, Marc Smith, Mike Euphony, Joey Riot, Dj Kurt and Dj Weaver (Sydney) as well as releasing huge anthems under his second name ‘Plus System’. Evolution and Scott Brown have been instrumental in shaping the hardcore sound we hear today. Something we’re extremely proud of.

Scott has continued to push boundaries of hardcore as well as tearing down ‘barriers’ between genres. Creating his own style of music over and over, refusing to be a sheep and copy what everyone else is doing.