Rexanthony: music composer and producer, keyboards player, live on stage performer.
Rexanthony was born in Italy, studied piano and about 1990, he was attracted by synthesizers, sequencers, computer, experimental music.
His first embryonal song “Gas Mask” was released in the 1991 followed by “An.Tho.Ny” (1992), released in Japan too.
His techno-rave-hardcore cult song “For you Marlene” (1992) and “Gener-Action” (1993) were released throughout Europe and Japan (Avex Trax) and entered the top charts.
In the 1994, with the Musik Research team, he began composing and recording, in his own recording studio, the hardtrance-progressive “Techno Shock” albums series (from vol.4 to vol.10).
Between 1994 and 1995 Rexanthony also released the experimental techno albums “Rexperimental” (featuring Tangerine Dream, Doris Norton and Kraftwerk covers), “Cocoricò Two” and the double album “Cocoricò Three”. “Cocoricò Two” and “Cocoricò”, created for one of the most trend club in Europe and promoted by the Rexanthony’s production by a great advertising campaign) entered the charts and have become historic albums.
In the 1995 , also the Rexanthony hit “Capturing Matrix” entered the top charts, followed by “Polaris Dream” (1996). The “Polaris Dream” videoclip was broadcasted in heavy rotation by MTV Europe for several months.
In the 1997 Rexanthony recorded the electronic-dream album “Fine Pleasure”: the music is more soft and Rexanthony recorded the tracks using piano and other instruments in real time and in the 1998 he released the album “Audax” characterized by an innovative techno-post-rock sound and defined by the press as “the most significative experimenal electronic/rock album of the artist”.
2001: it’s the time of the creative hardcore sound album “Hardcorized” (Hitland).
In 2004 the CD single “The Symbol 2004” (released by Wea) reached the official italian FIMI charts too.
The album “War Robots” (10 unpublished songs composed, arranged, vocalized, performed and recorded by Rexanthony in his own studio) was released in the 2008. “War Robots” (genre post advanced electronic) is a crossover of various styles such as psycho-trance, post-techno and minimal-electro and has been concepted to support human rights through a higher social problems consciousness, by sounds and lyrics targeted to young and trend generations.
The album recorded and releasd in the 2010 is “Drag Me To Hard”: 8 unpublished songs composed, arranged, vocalized, performed and recorded by Rexanthony in his own Musik Research recorded studios. The album also includes the remixes of ‘For You Marlene’ and ‘Cocoacceleration’ and a special hardstyle version of ‘Capturing Matrix’. “Drag Me To Hard” is an experimental hardstyle, beyond the hardstyle, characterized by heavy sounding rhythms and very catching melodies. It has an international breath, it obtains sales success and remains in the most important hardstyle charts ( for some weeks with (nine tracks charted at the same time). Physical supports are distributed by Astral Music; the digital distribution is an exclusive of Musik Research (the Rexanthony’s production and distribution company).
2011: it’s the time for the ELECTRONIC GENERATION project, the new Rexanthony’s edm-electro, progressive-futurehouse sound. The years 2011 and 2012 see the artist working in his own recording studio, composing and arranging tracks in a renewed style; in the 2013 his first edm track “Electronic Generation” is released. The single “Electronic Generation”, broadcasted by the italian trend radios (among wich are m2o e Radio StudioPiu’) and by worldwide radio streaming and loved by old and new young fans, enter the electro-house charts… and a new Rexanthony adventure begins….
2014: the new Rexanthony’s “bomb” is the track ‘Introducing Chromosome’, an anthem to the Happiness and Love based on four artificial voices progression, impressive hard drop synthesizer… a trance melody makes teenager generations feel in a dream.
Historical 2014 live: October Palasport Padova.
2015: the new release “Colors” (single + Ep) enter the iTunes charts too and broadcasted by many Dab worldwide radios.
Historical 2015 lives: January, Palasport Bologna Memorabilia by Cocorico event (in front of an audience of more than 13.000 people) and August, Piazzale Roma Riccione.
2016: Rexanthony is now one of the edm-electro-progressive italian leaders.
Springtime: a french version of “Colors” is available.
Summertime: release of “Electronic Generation” album; it features edm, electro, progressive, deep, electrogaze, glitch contaminations futurehouse tracks… volcanic powered synthesizers, aggressive sounding timbres, propulsive rhythms, cretive hypnotic trance inventions. This album features special shock electronext ‘Capturing Matrix 2016 ‘, ‘Polaris Dream 2016’ versions (also available as Ep) and the unreleased ‘Hardrock Cafe’, ‘Overdose’ and ‘Electrized’… all running at 128 bpm.

Between the years 1998 and 2012 the following Rexanthony’s collection/greatest hits were released: “Earthquake” (1998), “Capturing Future” (2003), the double album “Memorabylia (2007) which features the immortal Rexanthony’s techno trance hardcore songs (many of the tracks created for the Cocorico’ club) and “Platinum Collection” (2012)… all the collections (much-sought by the fans) feature not only Rexanthony’s greatest hits but also his experimental inventions.

Over the time Rexanthony’s cult albums and hit songs has been released by: Avex Trax Japan, ID&T, Sob, MidTown, Hitland, Virgin, Sony, Musik Research, Smilax, Warner-Wea.

Many of the Rexanthony’s tracks are already “oldschool”… some broadcasted in heavy rotation on MTV Europe and many featured in famous worldwide compilations such as Thunderdome’s, Back To School, D.Trance, Maharaja Night Japan, D.H.T. Virus, Hardcore To The Bone, Project Hardcore, A Nightmare in Germany, Goliath, DJ Pavo vol.3, Gary D. presents, Headliner, Decibel, Best Of Tunnel and many many more…