Mokum 30 Years – Triple Mixxx CD

Mokum Records Celebrates 30th Anniversary with a Triple CD Release Mixed by Tellurian, The Twins Artcore, and Formek Amsterdam, June 19, 2024 — Mokum Records, the iconic Dutch hardcore and

Mokum Records Celebrates 30th Anniversary with a Triple CD Release Mixed by Tellurian, The Twins Artcore, and Formek

Amsterdam, June 19, 2024 — Mokum Records, the iconic Dutch hardcore and gabber label, proudly announces the release of a special triple CD set to celebrate its 30th anniversary. This commemorative collection is expertly mixed by legendary artists Tellurian, The Twins Artcore, and Formek, capturing the essence and evolution of the hardcore sound that Mokum Records has championed since its inception.

A Legacy of Hardcore Excellence

For three decades, Mokum Records has been at the forefront of the hardcore scene, delivering relentless beats and unforgettable tracks that have defined the genre. Founded in 1993, Mokum quickly established itself as a powerhouse in the electronic music world, known for its uncompromising sound and its dedication to pushing the boundaries of hardcore music.

Triple CD Release: A Journey Through Time

This triple CD set is not just a compilation; it is a journey through the history of Mokum Records and the evolution of hardcore music. Each CD is meticulously mixed by a master of the genre:

  • Tellurian: Known for his innovative approach and raw energy, Tellurian takes listeners on a high-octane ride through the early days of Mokum Records, featuring seminal tracks and rare gems that defined the label’s groundbreaking sound.
  • The Twins Artcore: Bringing their unique style and vast experience, The Twins Artcore showcase the evolution of the hardcore genre, blending classic anthems with modern masterpieces, highlighting the diversity and progression of Mokum’s catalogue.
  • Formek: Closing out the trilogy, Formek delivers a forward-thinking mix that represents the future of hardcore. With cutting-edge tracks and unreleased exclusives, this CD is a testament to Mokum’s continued influence and innovation in the electronic music scene.

CD 1 1993-2003 Mixed by TELLURIAN

01 High Energy – The Box
Robert Meijer

02 Annihilator – Into the wild style
Scott Brown

03 Annihilator – S.D.R. Bam Bam
Scott Brown

04 The Outside Agency – we move as one
Frank Nitzinsky / Noel Wessels

05 Dj Chosen Few – After Hours (Technohead mix)
Francois Prijt

06 Tellurian – Straight to Hell
Michel Klaassen

07 Tellurian – Bloody Fucking Hardcore
Michel Klaassen

08 Tellurian – Squash the floor
Michel Klaassen

09 Annihilator – Annihilator
Scott Brown

10 Tellurian – Block Fucking Beats
Michel Klaassen

11 Dj Chosen Few – All you Motherfuckers
Francois Prijt

12 The Outside Agency – Hardcoreheadz
Frank Nitzinsky / Noel Wessels

13 Dana, Tellurian & Da Mouth of Madness – Back 2 the Oldskool*
Michel Klaassen / D. van Dreven /S. van Daalen

14 Tellurian – Don’t stop
Michel Klaassen

15 Technohead – I wanna be a hippy (original mix)
Michael Wells – Warner Chappell Music Ltd

16 DJ Delirium & Tellurian – Let it Flow 96
Michel Klaassen / Jeremy Malvasia

17 Annihilator – Realm of Darkness
Scott Brown

18 Tellurian – Guyver (T.O.A. mix)*
Michel Klaassen

19 Tellurian – Fucked up Motherfuckers
Michel Klaassen

20 Annihilator – i’ll show you my gun
Scott Brown

21 Riot Nation – Fucking House
Claudius Debold

22 DJ Fistfuck – Pussy Poison
Martin Damm

23 Annihilator – Out Of Focus
Scott Brown

24 Spoetnik – Mokum Madness
Lucien Soentik

25 DJ Chosen Few – The Name Of The DJ (Speedfreak mix)*
Francois Prijt

26 Walter 1 – Hardcore Suckers
Walter Severini

27 Vitamin – My House is your house
Daniel Leeflang

28 Tellurian – error 404*
Michel Klaassen

29 Search & Destroy – Insane
Martin Damm

30 The Twins Artcore – Ruffneck Bass (Slugnoid Remix)*
Daniele Scaccia

31 The Outside Agency – Brainwaves
Frank Nitzinsky / Noel Wessels

32 Dano We Still Fuckem All (Leviathan vs Philosopher vs Membrane Remix)*

33 The Speed Freak – Days Of Anger
Martin Damm

34 Dano & Liza N Eliaz Manicure
Daniel Leeflang / Liza N Eliaz

35 Haardcore – Toxic
Robert Meijer

36 The Speedfreak – Freak Tonight
Martin Damm

37 Walter one Gabber over (Tetris)
Walter Severini

CD 2 2003-2013 Mixed by  THE TWINS ARTCORE

01 The Twins Artcore – Funky Artcore
Daniele Scaccia

02 Irmak – In Your Face
Anton Alexandrovitch

03 The Twins Artcore – Return of Artcore
Daniele Scaccia

04 Chosen Few – Day One (The Twins Artcore Freaky Acapella)
Francois Prijt

05 The Twins Artcore – Ruffneck Bass
Daniele Scaccia

06 Destruktiv Kultur – Crushed

07 The Twins Artcore – Demons Inside the Box
Daniele Scaccia

08 Irmak – Back up the Groove
Anton Alexandrovitch

09 Walter One vs Hybridonhard – Push! (Walter One Refix)
Francesco Lodolo

10 Painbringer – The Invader
Lammert Brouwer

11 The Twins Artcore – Adrenaline
Daniele Scaccia

12 Chosen Few – Name of the DJ (Tellurian Mix)
Francois Prijt

13 Flamman & Abraxas – Good to Go (2005 Remix)
Jeroen Flamman / Jeff Porter

14 The Twins Artcore – 2012
Daniele Scaccia

15 Tellurian – Guyver (Detruktiv Kultur Mix)
Michel Klaassen

16 Technohead  –  The #1 Contender (Suquet Mix)
Michael Wells – Warner Chappell Music Ltd

17 Frazzbazz feat. the Horrorist – Zerschlagen (The Speed Freak EBM Core Fusion Remix)
Francesco Adornetto / Oliver Chesler

18 The Twins Artcore – Girls
Daniele Scaccia

19 The Speed Freak – Days Of Anger (DJ Sharpnel Remix)
Martin Damm

20 Painbringer – Afterglow
Lammert Brouwer

21 The Twins Artcore – Tranz Lirix
Daniele Scaccia

CD 3 2013-2023 Mixed by FORMEK

01 Rexanthony This Is A Trip (Formek remix)
Doris Norton / Anthony Bartoccetti

02 Dr. Zombie – Pain and Pleasure
Sergei Manteifel

03 Arvid & Redlock – Collab
Arvid Torstensson / Jordo van Deerse

04 Immutek vs TotenKore – Code, Honour, Loyalty
Rocco Bos / Milo Brunicardi

05 Byron – Natalizumab
Roberto Stramaccioni

06 Tellurian – ERROR-404
Michel Klaassen

07 The Twins Artcore – The Ghostbusters
Daniele Scaccia

08 Peckerhead – Harmful chase
Daniel Ronhave

09 M-Project and KamikazE – Chain Reaction
Yasuhiro Suzuki / Daiki Ikeda

10 Formek – Going get rough
Roberto Stramaccioni

11 TotenKore & Corrat – Russian Roulette
Anton Yakovlev / Milo Brunicardi

12 The Twins Artcore & Rexanthony – Across the Land
Daniele Scaccia / Anthony Bartoccetti

13 Slugnoid – Da Panic
David Stella

14 Tellurian – Guyver (Chosen Few mix)
Michel Klaassen

15 Formek & Rottencore – Fire
Roberto Stramaccioni / Sergio Galimany

16 Ferra – Bassdrum Fever (Stereo Mix)
Andrea Ferraresi

17 Wicked XXX – Danga
Maurice Schipperheijn

18 Rottencore – Paradox
Sergio Galimany

19 Chosen Few – Chosen Paradise (Formek remix)
Francois Prijt

20 Lysa & Italian Terrorist – Fucking Gabber
Elisabetta Nava / Leonardo Gipponi

21 Peckerhead vs Reeza – The Sound Of Tomorrow
Daniel Ronhave / Dennis van Rijswijk

22 Lenz – Another Trip
Guido Testone

23 Arjuna – Go Dj
Michiel Greuter

24 Rodox Trading – Mindfuck
Soren Duus Nielsen

25 Not a Dj – Anxiety Response
Tiziano Condoleo

26 Tha KroniK – Mokummania
Fabrizio Sabatino

27 Acid-X – Heaven AttacK
Luca Mallocci

28 Kcma & T-Plus – Fork Plate Noise
Domenico D’Alessandro / Framcesco D’Amante

29 Hybridonhard feat. The Misanthrope – Walter’s One Shot
Francesco Lodolo