Artist Name: Gabberfucker
Other Artist Names: (A)rag3, Dissidens Rex, Pale Brain

Real Name: Daniel Sáez

Daniel Sáez, better known as “Gabberfucker”, discovered electronic music through two of his brothers, because when he was very young they already heard Techno music and “Bakalao”, in the early 90’s.
With the loss of one of these brothers and their parents, at the age of 14 years old, Dani (Gabberfucker) found in music (specially in Hardcore-Techno) a way of escape and nowadays this still remains.
Daniel does not conceive life without music, or better said does not conceive life without Hardcore. There is no day that he does not think about listening, mixing or producing this music. Everything in his life, turns around Hardcore-Techno. ALL.

Gabberfucker began mixing Hardcore songs at home with 16 years old and at the age of 20 he made his first gig at the “Spanish Motherfucking Concentring” party, held in 2004.
He has played in 2 Montagood Festivals (Lleida, Catalonia) and has played regularly in the The Cave Of Rave’s club (Lloret de Mar, Catalonia), until becoming one of the resident DJs two years in a row.
At the local level he has performed at so many underground parties but not exempt from musical quality, in clubs such as Gabberzone, Club Zoreks, Pont Aeri (Room ’92), La Cova… And has organized two parties to date, the Gabberfuckin’ parties (Gabberfuckin’ Hard I & Gabberfuckin’ Party) as well as has collaborated in parties like “The Ultimate Rave” in the Barcelona area.

He was a collaborator member of the radio show “Polemic Control”, from 2004 to 2008, and radio announcer of the show “Music 4 Freaks” from 2007 to 2009 (streaming & Barcelona Area) helping to spread the Hardcore-Techno music and Gabber culture through the Hertz waves.
He has attended, collaborated and organized endless parties mostly in the area of Catalonia, also in the rest of Spain and has traveled more than 30 times to Dutch lands to soak up the Gabber scene, both as far as music is concerned, as well as in the “lifestyle”…

He has always opted to play the music he likes, which is the Hardcore-Techno produced in the ’90s, emphasizing sub-styles like Psycore, Gabber and Artcore, but without underestimating Oldschool Terror, HardTrance, AcidCore…
In 2019, is when Gabberfucker can finally get a humble PC and two speakers and start producing. Following the same styles as when he spins, with Gabberfucker you can find acid sequences, “fat” melodies, hoovers, and of course with his personal touch that reminds to the 90’s essence.
His productions are mostly in the genres as Psycore, Artcore, Gabber and AcidCore. Gabberfucker always defended that “it is not how many gadgets or devices you have, it is how creative you are and how you make the crowd move in the party”, and of course it is reflected in his productions. Of course he is not close to buying more components, but creativity comes first. With only one computer with a daw it is capable of transporting you to the 90’s sound & vibes, in all of his productions.