DJ Sharpnel has been releasing hardcore tracks under various project names since 1996.
In 1998, he started his own label “sharpnelsound” and released dozens of CD compilations of hardcore tracks with Japanese culture samples, and as a DJ he has played at hardcore raves in Japan and around the world.
Since 2017, DJ Sharpnel has turned all his musical activities into “virtual” and has been playing as VRDJ on virtual reality raves around the world.

Known tracks.
The Speed Freak – Days of Anger ( DJ Sharpnel Remix) MOK119
The Speed Freak – King of Bong(DJ Sharpnel Remix) PKGCD75
FFF – War in the dance (DJ Sharpnel Remix) MURCD-010
DJ Sharpnel – Lost Pixels NOE-004
DJ Sharpnel – Inherited Soul NOE-004