Dj LYSA, as an artist, was born in 1998 as an integral part of the “NRG19” trio, marking the beginning of her journey in electronic music. She started by playing in some of the most famous clubs in Northern Italy, including Number One, Ecu-Gheodrome, EvolutionPlanet, Shock, Florida, Adrenaline, Cenerentola, Exodus, and more.

After the trio dissolved, Lysa officially became the Resident DJ of Dorian Gray (Regiamania) and performed at major Italian events such as E-mission, SunBeat, Q-Dance, Spring Break, SnowBeat, Fusion, E-Made in Italy, E-motions, among others. She was also a member of the D.L.S. crew (Digital Last Strength) and organized parties like R-Evolution, Areatek, Lysatek, Outbreak, and Gabber Nation.

Lysa is a producer signed to various labels including MOKUM RECORDS, HANDKCUF RECORDS, AUDIOKORE, DIGITAL PLAGUE, DarkProductions, ParanoiaxRecords, and Avanti Records. Together with Leonardo Gipponi (Italian Terrorist), she founded D.L.S. Records, Technomania, and HARDCORE CLASSIC – a new personal record label showcasing their latest productions.

Known and respected for her charisma, simplicity, and mixes that “SpaCCano the TimPaNi” (hit the timpani), Dj LYSA is celebrated by all. So, all that’s left to say is: “Hei LYSA PomPa Sta CaSSa” (Hey LYSA, pump up this house)!