La Carotte

(MOKUM / G.T.I / ex ID&T France / Early Rave Generation)

a.k.a DA CARROT (Fr) (K.M.S / Dance Floor Killers / Kobayashi / Ultra / Crux)

<< 22 Years of Passion & Love for the Electronic Music! >>


-Born in Paris in the middle of 70’s. .
chilhood with: soul, funk & disco music.
He discovers young, the Hip Hop culture in 1984 with the movie :
‘WildStyle’ & many Pioneers of Rap Music.
‘with the influence of his Grand cousin in the hip-hop movement.’
He discover too & Love the music video from:
Kraftwerk & the famous track: ‘Rock it’ from: ‘Herbie Hancock’ & ‘Dj DXT’
-1987 he starts the Graffiti & and looks more music and mix with :
‘Dj Dee Nasty (Zulu Nation) & Crazy B (Birdy Nam Nam) ‘( Hip-Hop leader in France) playing for ‘DMC’
& ‘radio Nova’.

Time he bought his first 45T & 12inch vynils . Like :

(Grand Master Flash, Eric B & Rakim, Afrika Bambaataa, Prince, Mickael Jakson) , etc…
-1988, he discovers the new beat & the acid house music with tracks as:
‘Thème from the S-Express’ from Mark Moore a.k.a (S-Express),
‘Jack to the sound of the underground’ from Peter Slaghuis a.k.a (HitHouse),
‘Good Life & Big Fun’ from Kevin Saunderson a.k.a (Inner City,Reese). etc…
”he falls in love with this music, as rap and funk music.”
-1991, he discovers the first electronic shop in Paris :
‘Champs disques,USA Import,BPM & TSF’.
& just after ,The firsts clubs who plays electronic music in Paris as:

(Le Cirque, le Central, La Loco, le Palace & le Privilège), just after the closing of *(BOY).
*(first club playing new beat & Acid House music in Paris).
with Dj as: ‘Laurent Garnier , Charles Chilling , Brainwasher, Merlin’.
-1992 ‘La Carotte buy Technics (Sl1200MK2) & mixer then start on this move.
He play on the firsts underground rave party in Paris on: Psychiatrick & HappyRavers Soundsystem with:
(Dj Tof, Tieum, Famas, gwakai,Ganesh).
‘Just before the first appearance of the SP23’.

He encounter & play in the same time with:
(‘Laurent Ho,Guiz -Ohm, L’Exorciste (Chaotik Ramses),Dj Charly & Davyd(R.K.G)’. Stephanovitch), etc…
‘ He started playing with his techno Rave and Hard, which is not yet the Hardcore.’
Like Labels as:
(R&S rec, KMS rec, HitHouse rec, Diki rec, Kickin rec, Dance Extasy 2001(PCP), Rotterdam rec),
or (XL recordings).
‘Then quickly became one of the First pioneers of the Hardcore in France.’
with : Laurent Ho ,Dj Davyd & Charly , Guiz-Ohm, Tof & Tieum & Dj Olive in the south of France.
-1993, it’s the Hardcore explosion.
he see in France the first Gigs with the Famous International Hardcore artist as:
(Lenny dee ,Ralphie Dee, & Liza N’Eliaz (R.I.P),G.T.O , etc…

he meets ‘Take no system’ ,
then go in trip & made the first organisation in Bus with partners ‘Voyage 4A’ for the events :
The Most Famous Big & popular events in Europe as too :Tribal Universe in UK.
‘it’s at this time in Holland, he has a revelation seeing DJ elevated to guru
& the Power of sound on the people’.
He goes ahead playing deutch and german hardcore :(Gabber)
He becomes the leaders in this style of music in France.

Then he decided to bring this movement in France and also his very special dance.
in the same time ,he see the first appearance of :

(Manu le Malin) playing in an evening called “Opium Dream”
with (Laurent Ho and Liza N’Eliaz).
-1994, he starts his first production.
He creates, the Famous Crew and underground hardcore UZI label:
‘(G.T.I). (Gangstar. Toons. Industry)’
With: ‘(Kingsmoke, Dj Kirin ,Atomic Compressor, PatKash,LKJ sista, & the Killer clowns.)’
Supported by:(Liza N’Eliaz ,Patrick Rognan (Radio FG) & Laurent Ho),

They decide together to create a new Hardcore style influenced by:
(Liza N’Eliaz, Lenny Dee & The Dream Team // NL.)
,mixing all their influences:
(Hip Hop, Break-Beat, Metal & Gabber), with:
samples from movies and French voices in Hardcore / Gabber ,
all mixed between 120 to 250 BPM.
They create their first vinyl Album ‘GTI 001’
(this is the first electronic French hardcore album in France).
‘It was so successful in the underground hardcore world’.
G.T.I. it was played, playlisted & supported by:
‘(Lenny Dee, Liza N’ Eliaz , Dj Freak, Pure, Speed Freak , The Prophet,
Dj Dano, Ron D Core, Rob Gee, The Dj Producer,Laurent Ho,Manu le Malin),etc…’
& influences apparently artists as:
‘Alec Empire’ (U.S) from Atari teenage Riot or ‘Loftgroover’ (U.K).
-1995 to 96 La Carotte, more and more present on most important raves in Paris and in France.

He keeps going with producing with GTI for the second & next LP (GTI 002),003,004 & 005 with a
participation of ‘Lenny Dee’ for one Track .
He participate too for the production of :
RPG 7 rec ‘GTI ‘ special divison with participation of :
‘Liza N’ Eliaz’ (R.i.P):’ 90’s Hardcore World Queen’.
-1997, because his technic and energy on stage, He’s always the
leader of Gabber music & movement in France.
He works with ‘Premium production’ (events & concept producer) in Paris, and starts to
export himself in Holland and Belgium in festival
as: ‘Shadowland Rave’ ,…
Then he joins the team ‘(ID&T)’ in Holland
(Thunderdome & Mysteryland conceptor)
He represents THUNDERDOME in France with the opening of ID&T France.

Musically open ,he also began to play for fun, many House / Hardhouse Mix in Club after a long & Crazy Holydays in Ibiza.
& Like too The revival of Break -Beats, named ‘Breaks’ with label as: ‘Finger Lickin & TCR’
-1998, he creates ‘The Blood Brothers’ band with :
Kirin and the killers clowns (GTI members)
Together they create and produce the label:
*'(I.F.S) ‘ (The incredible Funny & Sly’ Rec).
(style:Gabber/Hardcore newstyle).
*Listed 4 stars in ‘Thundermag’ from(NL)& playlisted by many big name of Hardcore.
-1999, He Plays on several Big Party in France then joins:Break Beat entertainement (under Sony label )
whitch takes THUNDERDOME management in France,participates
to the events and French tour in the best club as:
Le Macumba(Ch),Le Caesar Palace(Mulhouse),l’Etoile(Metz),La Loco(Paris),
La Nitro( Montpellier),Le KL(Toulouse),Le Titan(Lyon),Le News(Nantes)…
with: ‘(Buzz Fuzz, The Prophet , X ess, Promo,3 Step Ahead (R.I.P)’ from (NL).
Then more & more it slows down the BPM speed and goes to: Groovy & 4×4 techno with a touch of breaks.
he creates too ‘DAZZLING CREW’ association Loi 1901,
with ‘Dj Tof – Psychiatrick ‘(Dj & friend from his generation)
They organize some parties in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg & Nancy in club as:
L’arapaho, l’espace Massena, Le Batofar, Le terminal export , La Laiterie, l’Usine, ect…
with a more or less
hard sound , more eclectic, mixing:
Break beat, hardhouse / techno, & oldskool Classic.
-2000, La Carotte made some tracks ‘break beat / Hip-Hop’and made one remix Breaks for
‘R.E.S.K.P'(Ragga-Hip-Hop crew in Paris) for :
MKO recordings (under label of HomeCore)
& he work on remix for ‘Bonzai rec’ for ‘Thunderball’ but finally the track it will be not accepted.
-Then He move to Strasbourg (East France) and goes more on Techno stage.
In the East & North France,he plays in several famous clubs & Party as:
L’anfer@(Dijon),L’Usine@(Metz),le Terminal Export@(Nancy),La Laiterie@(Stasbourg),
le Yalta@(Surebourg), le Grillen-Kraken@(Colmar), etc…
-2001 he plays Techno & still Hardcore on festivals as :
‘GOLIATH (CH), MYSTERYLAND (NL), Labels of the Universe (CH),Techno Parade(Fr)
& always many club in the east of france …
Gets in touch with Wagram Music with who he launches some tracks.
Then he decides to launch again Thunderdome market in France
(after 1 year and a half away),
He create *’100% Gabber’ with Wagram music
*(12000 CDs sold + TV commercial video)
*Results correct but Wagram doesn’t want to launch a number 2 CD.
-2002, he stop the Hardcore and stay in the Techno,
Because hardcore, become less open and too industrial for him.
He leaves Strasbourg for Paris again.
-2003, he joins the parisian crew ‘Audiovenum’ creates by:
‘La Pieuvre & San'(friend from his generation)specialised
in Drum & Bass and breaks.
They organize together some underground party in Paris at:
La Flèche d’or, La Grange à musique, le Glazart, Le Tryptique (ex: Social Club),etc…
mixing up: Oldskool Hip-Hop & UK Breaks.
-2004 ,goes away from stage to produce again, signs some little
tracks Hardcore for many compilation with different name for EMI and WAGRAM Music.
As:100%HARDCORE, & more…
-2005/2006, he plays again Techno, in Paris & elsewhere in club or Party as:
Parkhaus (De),Universal D.O.G (De), le Batofar (Paris), le Rex(Paris), le Tryptique (Paris),Glaz’art,
Techno Parade (Paris) & Club in switzerland as Club ZOO.
-2007, Dj La Carotte stop the Mix one time ,because the club & events was too minimal or
more Rock for him .so difficult for play groovy or Rave music.
& don’t back on the Hardcore because always Industrial & No Fun.
then back in studio for more production Techno & start Electro.
-2008,Dj La Carotte change this french name for the Electro ‘Da Carrot’;
‘it’s same,but more fresh for the Kidz .^^
He goes to the *(Fidget & ElectroHouse).
*A new style of House , mixing:Old Rave, Electro & Hip Hop lyrics with Fat Lead & Bass line.
He joins ‘(CRUX)’ founded by ‘(Bryan Cox)’ (NY) & made a fucking remix for the young Electro Artists :
‘Mustard Pimp’ on Crux records. which will be playlisted by many big artists electro.
As: Larry Tee, the Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, Gigi Barocco, CongoRock, Switch , Dj BamBam, etc..
-2009 Da Carrot remix : ‘Larry Tee’ for his Album: (Make me Nasty) on the Massive label from Miami
‘ULTRA Music’,
then too : ‘Jay Robinson( UK) & Gigi barroco’ (It) (Famous Electro House artists) Always CRUX rec,
& his buddy: ‘Dr Macabre'(Haunted House) for the track ‘1.2.3 Fuck You’ in Electro Fidget for a special
project with Lenny dee & Oliver Chesler but finally the project stay empty.
Also, ‘Uncle Jess’ (U.S) underground Guetto house artist from ‘Tharsis rec’
label From: ‘Dj Leko’ (U.S).
Then he start a new project ‘Bigger & Bolder’ inspired by the track ‘Bigger & Bolder’ from ‘Reanimator
with ‘IdiotBoyz’ young & good Electro producer.
& made toghether 2 remixes for: ‘Dj Antention (Russia) & Belzebass (It)’
with a big support from the new Electro generation.
In the same time ‘Da Carrot remix too, with the authorization 2 Big Classics:
*’Outlander – The Vamp’ (R&S rec )
& The Famous Hardcore Anthem :
‘Marshall Master – Stereo Murder’ (ColdRush Rec).
He receive with the remix of *’THE VAMP’, Massive support
from the old & new Generation & played by many Heroes of Electro ,Rave & Breaks as:
Moby, Steve Aoki, Ricco Tubbs, Don Rimini, Bryan Cox, Larry Tee, Terry Mullan,
The Stanton Warriors, Mustard Pimp, ect..
-2010 He made 2 remix, the first is always for CRUX,
the Underground Supa Rapper ‘Allias Unknow’ with the track ‘Top Back’
and the second is for a young duo ‘Blastaguyz’ from Italy’ for the track ‘Rage’ on :’House recordings’.
-2011 STAND BY (health goes sometimes before passion).
-2012 Da Carrot Back in the Techno & remix another Big Classic Techno Rave :
‘Up Tempo’ for the GodFather of Electronic Music: “Kevin Saunderson” on (K.M.S rec)
for celebrate the 25years anniversary of KMS.
& work for Dance floor Killers records (Al ferox Label).
-2013 he create (EARLY RAVE GENERATION) channel & FB group for Oldskool loverz Who likes
(Classics Rave & Early Hardcore) & release one special mini ultra Mega Mix Mash -up for this occasion
in feat. with Bro Dj Tof. already supported by many many Oldskool heroes from Rave as:
Frankie Bones, Rob Gee, Chosen Few ,Dj Rob ,Dj Gizmo, Dj Jordens, etc…
then work Hard on many Original Tracks (Techno & Tek House) for 2014.
-2014 currently in studio for more & more productions Tekhouse /Techno & Hardcore for
the come back of ‘Dj La Carotte’ with a big E.P for the legendary MOKUM Rec from Amsterdam.
& maybe more.
‘Dj La Carotte/ Da Carrot’ is one of the best French DJ of his generation.
His mixes are always colorful, energic & eclectic with always that Fucking perfect skills.
he influenced many many French DJ’s with his technique in France.
one of the 10 best French DJ of the 90’s.
40 years old Today & Da carrot is still passionate and motivated.
Always hot to burning the dance floor.
The OldSkool Will Never Die!!
Kevin Saunderson, Orlando Voorn ,Joey Beltram, Marc Acardipane (P.C.P) ,Dr Macabre/Lunatic Asylum,
Lenny Dee, Frankie Bones, Dj Gizmo , Chosen Few & Tellurian (Mokum rec), Al Ferox (Dance Floor
Killers rec), Don Rimini, Jaimie Fanatic, Terry Mullan, Oh Snap, Dj BamBam, Larry Tee, Switch, Jack de
Marseille, Gigi Barocco, Bryan Cox, Hostage,Calvertron, Pyramid & FarTooloud (Funkatech rec),
Congorock, Ricco Tubbs, Blatta & Inesha, Mustard Pimp, Bul!M!Tron!, Stereo Heroes, Alex Kidd (USA),
Sikztah(Hu), Dj Leko, Electric soulside, IDB/Idiot Boyz,Laurent Ho,Aktarus,Harakiri soundsystem, Oxidia,
Dj Tof(Psy4X) ,Dope P (Movel Traxx), Tigarah, MC Jamalski & Dj Dee Nasty (Zulu Nation), MC Profecy
(Assasin Production/GT), K.M.S rec, DanceFloor Killers, Mokum, Ultra Music, Crux, Tharsis, Synth City,
Champion Beats, Wonked rec, Crude Trax, FTW , We Love Fidget house, Mexican Jack Mafia,KCNV,
Basement traxx, Groove Factory, (OBGS) Oldschool but Good School.
& many many more …