Buzz Fuzz

Mark Vos: Exploring Hardcore’s Global Rhythms!

Discover the captivating sounds of BUZZ FUZZ, a pioneering DJ and producer making waves in the international music scene. From the vibrant beats of Australia to the rhythmic vibes of Russia, BUZZ FUZZ’s music has echoed through venues in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Recognized for his musical talent, BUZZ FUZZ has received accolades like “Best Hardcore Producer” from Thunder Magazine. His label, BZRK Records, has earned acclaim as “Best Remixer”

As a founding member of the DreamTeam, BUZZ FUZZ collaborates with luminaries like Gizmo, Dano, and The Prophet, solidifying their place in electronic music history.

BUZZ FUZZ’s musical journey began in 1991, exploring HipHop and R&B from ’86 to ’90. In ’92, he won the Dutch House DJ Championships, marking the start of his prolific career as a music producer. His work extends to renowned labels such as Mokum Records, Combined Forces, ID&T, Traxtorm, D-Boy, Industrial Strength, Bonzai, and Adam.

Explore BUZZ FUZZ’s collection of tracks, including classics like “Frequencies,” “Hey!,” “XTC-Love,” “Jealousy is a M.F.,” “Men Of Teflon,” and “Kickz Of Steel.” Each track reflects his diverse musical palette and commitment to pushing sonic boundaries.

Dive into BUZZ FUZZ’s world, where hardcore takes center stage, and musical innovation knows no bounds!