Real name: Patrick Lindenhof

Born august 1971. I started in a group called Space Seed, we were a group of friends that had one thing in common, the love of hardcore. After 1 vinyl release and several cd compilation releases such as the Shadowlands cd. After a few years we all went our seperate ways and I started under my new name Biodome (from the movie called Biodome?) In 1998 my first solo vinyl releases appeared on Digital Overload records and Nukem records and several releases on HSC records, I also appeared on cd’s such as Thunderrave and Terror Impact. In 2004 i stopped producing for a few years and after 4 years in 2008 i had some more releases with the name The Inquisitor and Razorback with vinyl releases on DGN records and This is Terror and cd releases on Hellraiser and Hardcore Hooligans. After this a very long break followed and in 2020 i decided to make a comeback with my old name Biodome and my terror alias The Inquisitor, which resulted in several releases, digital, vinyl and cd’s for labels such as Gabberhead, Headfuck records, Brutal force, Speedcore Worldwide, Dedicated tot he Core and finally Mokum records. My future plans are keep making oldschool Hardcore and Terror and doing some more collabs.