Art Is Anal

Art Is Anal

Art Is Anal Aka Fist Of Fury & Armaguet Nad

Real names : Eric Lavaud & Nadir Lamalch

Eric Lavaud and Nadir Lamalch make up the legendary duo Art Is Anal. In 1997, the two artists met at an anti-nuclear musical demonstration. This is the beginning of an historical collaboration with the unmissable SODOM 005. In 1998, during the recording of the cult double vinyl Digital Bible 1.1 (by The Droogies, with DJ VITRIOL, recorded on the HIV 005 LP01), Fist Of Fury and Armaguet Nad are presenting a daring musical experience, composed of a philosophical energy and soberly called: Art Is Anal! The impact is phenomenal, Art Is Anal spreads its dark side on many labels like HIV, Epileptik, Dead End and Neurotoxic and is today one of the major players in the hardcore electronic scene.

DJ since 1995, Armaguet Nad first made his mark on the hardcore techno scene as a party planner. Among other things, it allowed the French public to discover avant-garde DJs such as Liza N’Eliaz, Lenny Dee, Manu Le Malin and Radium. Fist Of Fury first distinguished himself in 1987 as a trash death metal drummer. In 1992, he had a revelation. He discovered hardcore techno music and its culture, which he would never leave behind, and went on to live shows in France and abroad.

Art Is Anal is definitely rooted in dancing and industrial hardcore. The most active duo of the S.O.D.O.M. label, Fist Of Fury and Armaguet Nad, faithful to their metal culture contribute individually to keep alive the French Hardcore sounds and the S.O.D.O.M. label atmosphere. Together, they carry a hard, uncompromising music and give off a definitely hardcore synergy that makes their live a real energy bomb.