Real Name : Nadir Lamalch

Nadir Lamalch aka Armaguet Nad grew up in the south of France in Carcassonne. At the age of 16, he moved to Paris and pursued hotel studies and then worked in the restaurant business where he met Philippe, who took him to his first hardcore techno party in 1991. From this meeting, a friendship was forged that would direct his life towards music.

In 1994, Armaguet Nad began mixing and the following year he began to compose his own hardcore tracks. From 1995, Armaguet Nad played in rave parties, mainly in France, and, very quickly, he performed throughout Europe, notably in Netherland, Belgium, Germany, England… He quickly made a name in the industry, released about fifty records with his compositions and performed in numerous hardcore parties. He has performed in legendary events such as Terrifiance, Karakoram III, 666, P.O.R.N, Myths Of Music, Smackdown, Live Evil, Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil (ADE) and This Is Madness. Guided by the limitless mixes of Liza N’Eliaz, the Queen of Hardcore, Armaguet Nad explores, in his mixes, acid melodies sprinkled with an industrial touch that characterizes Early Hardcore. He knows how to lead the dancefloor on the toughest faces of hardcore while keeping the carefree 90s ’.

In 1997, he met Fist Of Fury. A true friendship is born and they form the unmissable hardcore duo Art Is Anal.

Armaguet Nad is not only a DJ and composer, he is also an outstanding producer. In 1996, with the ensemble MICROPOINT and Sarin Assault, he participated to the rising of the label Dead End Record. The same year, with Speedyq’s, Angel Flo and Klaus Kombat, he launched the SANS KOM DOM project, which brought together labels S.O.D.O.M (Slaves Of Devil Our Master), H.I.V (Hardcore Intuitive Virus), KOMUM and SANS PITIE. He produces many artists like Liza N’Eliaz, Ingler, Angel Flo, Radium, Fist Of Fury, Nawoto Suzuki (MNO), SpeedyQ’s or Atomic Compressor.

He is today considered as one of the mainstay artists of the hardcore techno movement for his music, but also as an organizer of mythical events. In 1994, joined by their friend Carlos, Armaguet Nad and Philippe founded the Underground Hardcore association and organized their first “Deep Of Darkness” rave party with Liza N’Eliaz and Loftgroover. This first party was a great success: it brought together more than 1,500 ravers. Then followed one rave party per month, for over a year, in the region of Paris. The enthusiasm was immediate and Armaguet Nad introduced the public to artists such as Joker, Manu Le Malin, Radium and Lenny Dee.