Daniel Leeflang

Dano aka Update

DJ Dano is one of the founders of the hardcore scene, but has never lost his love for techno music.
In the past he had his own record label, TPF records, which released with many records together with KC.

In this period he and his best friend gave many illegal/free techno parties in Amsterdam, also called TPF.
These parties lasted sometimes for more then 48 hours.
Althought these parties were free to the public, TPF managed to book foreign artists such as Pounding Grooves (UK) Johan Bacto (Sweden) Andreas Kramer (D) and Kay D Smith (D) getting them to the Netherlands.

Awakenings is one of the largest techno organizations in the Netherlands, perhaps the biggest.
On the website of awakenings was once a Poll, where the public was asked who they would like to see and hear playing.

Under his own name Daniel Leeflang was number one in this poll. He also played  as Daniel Leeflang at Dance Valley Indoor.

This organization looks at high in the public's eye and seems to be a serious counterpart to Awakenings.
I chose the name DJ Update for several reasons.
Techno just keeps renewing and I want "my" audience to keep updated with my mixes, that will be refreshed regularly on the website.

Dano won 4 awards for best Hardcore DJ.
He made different Remixes for well know artist like Fear Factory, "Name of my DJ" and "I wanna be a hippy"
which gave him a gold record for 25.000 copies sold in Germany only.

As member of the famous Dreamteam (Buzz Fuzz, Gizmo, Prophet & Dano) he travelled the globe many times including 5 times to Australia.

He has played at all the biggest parties like
Hellraiser, Thunderdome, Mayday, Love parade,
Street parade, Mysteryland, Groundzero
and many more.
Sometimes he played at 3 different parties in 3 different countries on the same night.

With around 200 bookings a year he is pretty busy playing the Hardcore sound all over the globe.
If you want to book him  make sure you are on time so he can schedule your party in his busy agenda.

In 2010 he will started to produce hardcore again.

Together with System 3 he  started his first
Hardcore project after a few years.

We will keep you posted...

DJ Dano Team

Website: Visit Website

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