Francois Prijt

The youth of Francois Prijt is turbulent.
He grew up in the South East of Amsterdam some call it the ghetto of Amsterdam and in the year 1984 he makes knowledge with electro music and graffiti which blew over from America.
This kind of music and the graffiti was very important for the rest of his music career.
After his parents bought a Commodore 64 for him, he began making music.
After a while he bought a Amiga 500 inspired by productions of others with this device , he completely surrendered to producing music.
In the beginning, this was mainly hip hop and breakbeat and drum & bass.
In 1989, he bought his Technics SL1200 turn tables, and after practice he had the art of the mixing in his hands.
At the end of 1991 François began playing hardcore, and became a resident dj in a small club on the Amsterdam red light district.
On this he builds up a large multitude fans, and from that moment it goes fast.
In 1993 together with DJ Dano and The Prophet he got his first booking outside of Holland to Austria, the bookings kept coming in.
Hardcore and Gabber freaks globally pay homage to the name chosen few playing events such Mayday in Berlin, Mayhem and Enchanted in Australia,
Thunderdome 1994 in Utrecht and 15 years of Thunderdome 2008, Hellraiser in Amsterdam and Resurrection in Scotland,
the biggest club in Europe ‘Number One’ in Italy, Poland, the United States, Sweden, Switzerland etc. -
the man has an ambition to visit all the biggest events in every country all over the world, keeping the real hardcore vibe alive!
With huge releases on labels such as Mokum, Bzrk, Megarave,Cenobite , Spleen Kick, h20h recordings and more, it is not hard to understand why this man is one of the hardest acts on this planet!
The styles of Dj Chosen Few is a mix of early hardcore techno, up-tempo hardcore & a twist of drum&bass.


Bastiaan de Waard a.k.a. DJ Psycho grew up in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht in the Netherlands.
Living close to Rotterdam and Amsterdam he was quickly inspired
by the Dutch hardcore sounds produced by producers like Chosen Few, Ruffneck, Paul Elstak, Neophyte, Human Resource etc.
At one day a good friend brought him a floppy disk with a program called 'Fasttracker' for his ‘Commodore Amiga 500’ and from this moment he started to make electronic music.
When Dj Psycho started evolving himself into the mixing part of music, he immediately started to play as a resident Dj in 2 of the biggest clubs of the Netherlands for example Hollywood Music Hall Rotterdam & Alcazar Pleasure village.
Soon after that Bastiaan completely dedicated himself into the hardcore music.
In the year 2004 Dj Psycho went to S.A.E. a school a for audio producers in Rotterdam, we’re he learned to enhance the quality of his productions.
In the year 2007 Dj Partyraiser picked up his record 'Motherfucking Pussy' and started to play it at all big events all over the world.
Fans all over the world started to support this track, due of this the track was released on vinyl on the Dutch major hardcore label Megarave Records and also used on compilation cd's of Megarave Records, Rotterdam Records & Neophyte Records.
When DJ Psycho started to expand his network he met Dj Chosen Few, owner of the Legendary Amsterdam label Mokum Records and teamed up to produce under the name ‘Chosen Few’ together with François Prijt.
The styles of DJ Psycho is a unique mixture of Hard Up-Tempo, Powerful hardcore with fat synthesizers and a twist of Breakbeat / Drum and Bass.

Artist page : www.djchosenfew.com




Bernice Banel (Jodi) was born and raised in Amsterdam.
coming from a musical family her youth was decorated with Jazz , Soul, and Funk.
At the age of 13 she was introduced by her brother to hip hop.
One year later at the age of 14 she wrote her own lyrics and became the youngest  female rapper at that time. She chose the name Glamorous to introduce herself to the Hip Hop scene and is since the beginning of the early 90's well known as the "Queen of Royal badness"
Not shortly after that Glamorous decided that she wanted a break and started a musical journey in to other music genres. She discovered that she had a weakness for guitars as in classic rock, she did some vocals for alternative bands and till this very day you can cheer her day up with classic rock. Her first date with hardcore was in 1993 at the first Hellraiser party in Amsterdam. Impressed by this music  she discovered that she liked it. She visited many parties  and since then she always knew that her journey to al these different musical planets would give her the tools to built her own.
The treasurer’s she had collected through her musical journey blessed her with "colored blind ears" that picked up more then over 800 samples. With these samples she build an Imperial of her own and made some more Hip hop tracks and supplied other colleagues with some of her samples.
She was a busy body that was also noticed by one of the members of Chosen few (Francois). The collaboration between these two melted her treasure's and Hardcore together. Bastiaan the other half of(Chosen few) was also impressed and not much later she appears as Miss Jodi the ( Co-pro) on some of Chosen Few's tracks.
She also stars as the Co-producer on the upcoming EP "Mana" of Chosen few. Meanwhile she also did some commercial work for UDC as in trailers and Anthems for Hardcore party's.
Miss Jodi is now busy working on her own tracks to share her world with the rest of the universe.




Chosen Anthem (12")   Mokum Records 1993

Freedom (4 versions)   Mokum Records 1993

Feel The Dream (12")   Mokum Records 1994

Party! / After Hourz (12")   Mokum Records, Mokum Records 1994

Take Me 2 The Top (12")   R.N.O. Records 1994

Love Me Bad (12")   Mokum Records, Mokum Records 1995

Bring The Beat Back (12")   Mokum Records, Mokum Records 1996

Ø Chøsen (12")   Mokum Records, Mokum Records 1996

Fuck You Up (4 versions)   Mokum Records 1997

Name Of The DJ (Remixes) (Maxi) (2 versions)   Mokum Records 1997

In The Name Of The DJ (CD, Album)   Mokum Records 1998

Revenge (12")   Mokum Records, Mokum Records 1998

Doomzday (12")   Megarave Records, Megarave Records 1999

I Refuze 2 Looze (2 versions)   H2OH Recordings 1999

Name Of The DJ (12")   Vip Records (3) 2003

Tegen De Gevestigde Orde E.P. (12", EP, Ltd)   Spleen Kick 2003

Chosen Paradise (12")   Vip Records (3) 2004

Kold Dayz (12", RE)   Vip Records (3) 2004

Name Of The DJ (The Nystagmus 2004 Remixes) (4 versions)   Mokum Records 2004

Day One (4 versions)   Mokum Records 2005

Chosen Paradize 2006 (4 versions)   Mokum Records 2006

In Da Air (3 versions)   Mokum Records 2006

Ëбаный Хардкор (12")   Mokum Records 2006

Mokum World Wide (4 versions)   Mokum Records 2007

All You Motherfuckers (3 versions)   Mokum Records 2008

Da Funky Beatz (3 versions)   Mokum Records 2008

Let The Bass (12")   Mokum Records 1994

BZRK Remix Project (Comp) (2 versions)   BZRK Records 1995

Headsex (Maxi) (2 versions)   Mokum Records 1995

Ravers Revolution II (2xCD, Comp)   Polydor 1995

2H 2H Too Hard To Handle (2xCD, Comp)   Mercury 1996

Childplay (2 versions)   Mokum Records 1996

Drop The Pressure (The Mastermixes) (2 versions)   Dreamteam Productions 1996

Earthquake IV - The Ultimate Hardcore Collection (Comp) (2 versions)   Arcade ... 1996

Hammerheads Present Hardcore Forever Volume 2 (2xCD)   USA Import Music 1996

I Wanna Be With You (Maxi) (2 versions)   Mokum Records 1996

M.J.'s Childs Play (12", Promo, W/Lbl)   XXX Rated 1996

The Beating Of My Heart (Live To Tell) (Maxi) (2 versions)   Mokum Records 1996

Welcome To Death Row (Remixes) (12", Pic)   Death Row Records 1996

Burning 4 U (12", Promo, Ltd)   Bzrk Records Black Label 1997

Fukem All (12")   Fukem 1997

Gabberland '97 (CD)   PolyGram TV 1997

Happy Hardcore 9 (CD, Comp)   Arcade 1997

Happy Rave 8 (Special German Edition) (2xCD, Comp)   Arcade Deutschland GmbH 1997

Hellraiser - Ultimate Hardcore Dance Album - Volume IV (2xCD)   PolyGram TV 1997

Jealousy (12")   Ruff Beats Records 1997

The Gabber Mixes (12")   Mokum Records, Mokum Records 1997

Judgement Day (CD)   M8 Magazine 1998

Low Tek (2 versions)   H2OH Recordings 2000

Jump! 4 - Hardcore Will Never Die (CD, Mixed, Comp)   Hardcore Blasters, Hitland 2001

Ruff Beats Records One Step Back (2xCD, Comp, Mixed)   The Music Cartel 2001

Demanufacture (Album) (2 versions)   Roadrunner Records 2005

Wildberry Tracks (Makin' Love) (CDr, Promo)   Boss 2005

Guyver 2007 (4 versions)   Mokum Records 2006

Happy Hardcore Top 100 Best Ever (3xCD, Comp, Mixed)   Cloud 9 Music BV 2009

Guyver 2007 (12")   Mokum Records 2006

Let The Bass (12")   Mokum Records 1994

Angel (12")   Mokum Records, Mokum Records 1998
DJ Mixes:

Terrordrome - The Hardcore Nightmare (2xCD, Comp + CD, Comp, Mixed)   Mokum Records 1994

Terrordrome III - The Party Animal Edition - The Ultimate Hardcore Party Nightmare! (Comp) (2 versions)   Mokum Records ... 1994

Mokum Mix (Cass, Promo)   Roadrunner Records 1996

Terrordrome - Megamix (Cass)   Metal Mind Records 1996

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