Fabrizio Sabatino


Fabrizio Sabatino a.k.a. Tha KroniK is an Italian Hardcore Techno producer from Avellino.

His interest for hardcore music starts in the middle of '90 listening some compilations that was including also hardcore. Before that he listened dance and techno.

In the following years his interest in hardcore music grows up to the point of trying to create his music, but without reference points or specific knowledge, only with an easy software called Music Maker and many samples extracted from official songs...no the best way to make professional music, but a good way to understand how move.

After some years of training, change the software and start to use Fruity Loops (FL Studio), starting to know and understand the use of VSTi and plugins to make original sounds and good music.

After many demos was trashed, his producer career starts officially in 2011 and the first EP was released in 2012. Many releases and collaborations with many labels will follow, until arriving on Mokum Records in 2015.

To improve his musical notions, in 2013 he began to study at the conservatory of Avellino, finishing his training as a sound engineer in 2017 with a thesis on the history of Hardcore (not the best place to discuss this kind of music hehehehe).

In this period don't missing the performances as a DJ, playing at some parties in Naples and Rome. He doesn't have a specific style, but his dj sets are characterized by an escalation of BPM and hard sounds.

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